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Church isn't a building, its you and me following Jesus everyday of our lives. As a community of Jesus-followers, we want to create online content that help you grow in your faith, connects you with other believers and moves you into deeper relationship with Jesus.

The best place to start - do you know Jesus and have you decided to follow him?

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We gather on Sunday Mornings as an online community to engage in Worship, hear practical + biblical teaching and to connect with each other in the chat.

Do you want to check out our weekend services but aren't able to attend in person? Join us online on Sunday mornings - we'd love to welcome you.

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Dive Deeper into theology, culture and faith

We want to help you navigate difficult topics and love your neighbors well without compromising truth or the things that God has called you to. We know that there are some very complex and difficult topics we all walk through every day and we want to walk alongside you through them all.

Deep Dive, is a collection of content aimed at walking with you through those issues of theology, culture and the difficult parts of living out your faith. Through these resources, you'll find challenging conversations, helpful questions to ask and ways to think about the issues of our current world and culture.

If you are wanting to find answers to tough questions, learn how to process difficult situations or learn the complex truths found in the Bible - these resources are for you.

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Kim Vass
Online Director
Shane Ham
Senior Pastor

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