The purpose of Discipleship

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We want to help you learn how to study the Bible in an environment where you can take it at your own pace. Throughout the year, we offer classes focused on teaching you those skills, introducing you to biblical truth, and helping you to take steps toward hearing God's voice.

Classes include:
+ Northpointe Bible Institute
+ How to Read the Bible
+ Seminars on Revelation
+ Other classes throughout the year

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The best way for you to grow in your faith is around a table with others. Throughout the year, we offer studies focused on providing you with a space to learn to hear God's voice together with other believers. These studies will challenge you to learn from each other, ask and answer questions about the Bible and to grow together in community.

Studies include:
+ Women's Tuesday Nights
+ Men's Saturday Mornings
+ Marriage Studies
+ Other studies throughout the year

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Belong to a Small Group

We believe that every disciple of Jesus needs to belong to a community that does life together. Here at Northpointe, Small Groups are the environments where we hear God's voice in community together, challenge each other to grow, and support each other through the times of struggle.

Ways to belong to a Small Group:
+ Join a Small Group Launch
+ Lead a Small Group
+ Reconnect with a Small Group

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What is Discipleship?

Watch stories of people learning to hear God and choosing to obey

What is Discipleship?

What is fellowship?

What is Worship?

Learn to hear God and walk in obedience.

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Learn to hear God, and then obey

The God that created the universe and breathed all of life into existence wants to speak directly to you. He has plans and purpose for you and your life and all you have to do is learn to hear His voice and obey what He says.

As a church family, we believe that disciples of Jesus should be continually growing as they hear from God and do what he says. In the book of Mark in the Bible, Jesus said that we should "The proof that we love God comes when we keep his commandments and they are not at all troublesome." 1 John 5:3 MSG. 

If you are following Jesus and want to grow in your faith, you just need to learn to hear Him and then choose to obey.

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The best way to follow Jesus, together.

You were made to live out the purpose God has for your life, and we believe the best way to find life change is through having conversations together around a table. Core is a collection of class-style conversations designed to help you grow deeper in your faith as you follow Jesus. 

We offer these gatherings every, other month and have a team of members of our church family who want to walk with you, answer questions and be your support.

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