Church is a place where everyone is fully welcomed and included

We do this by helping our Limitless friends in our kids classes on Sundays, at our adult gathering on Thursdays, and helping anyone in our community to serve in various ministries around campus. We also recognize that parents, caregivers, and siblings are also longing for connection and resources so we strive to provide times of respite, fellowship, community resources and classes. 

It's our hope and prayer that every family feels fully welcomed and included when stepping onto Northpointe’s campus. Disabilities can sometimes leave us feeling limited, but together, through Christ, we are Limitless

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We provide resources and fellowship to fully belong.

How Limitless Works

Northpointe believes every person is created in a special way by our Creator. We also know that sometimes there are unique needs where a little extra help is essential. That’s where Limitless Disability Ministry comes in.

Find the age-group that best fits your needs below, or join in on a Limitless event and take those next steps into community with others!

Upcoming Limitless Events