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Many of us look for purpose and value in the eyes of others. We search for love, acceptance, and connection because God made us desire those exact things, but oftentimes times we look for them in the wrong places and in the wrong people. 

In our wandering, we may find ourselves making poor decisions. These decisions can cost us our value and our view of ourselves. Like small bites taken out of us, we become a shell of what we once were. In the search for something of value and substance - there is Jesus. 

We can find him and choose him and yet still find ourselves in "the mess". But, it's in this place that God will work his best in us. We will begin to see the doors open, the conversations starting, and the love being shown by others. When we are led by his hand, we will land in new places and with new opportunities to experience hope and a future. 

Celebrate Recovery is a place where all people can come, share, and grow. It's a place to be seen and loved and to find the hope that only comes from Jesus. 


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