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Kennedy's Story

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Battling depression and anxiety is a reality for so many of us, especially coming out of 2020. Fear of rejection, judgment, and a list of many other fears can lead us to isolation and fear. 

Although none of this is easy, there is hope. 

There is someone who cares deeply for you and wants good for you. Trusting God and choosing to put your eyes on him, in the middle of the darkness and difficulty is a choice and a honestly it can be a hard one to make. It's not immediate, it takes time, but with each passing day, you will gain more faith and more hope to move forward and out of this dark place. Stepping into community and choosing to be seen. Praying for strength and faith to endure difficult seasons. Taking each day as it comes and not being consumed with all the tomorrows yet to be, is the first step. 

One day at a time, God can and will change you. The time that takes, the struggle that is, well, it's different for each person. But, today can be the beginning of something new. 


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