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Jaycob's Story

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Jaycob grew up in the church and gave his life to Christ at the age of 2. He used to attend church with his family and participated in a weekly bible study program for kids called KidsCore. However, things changed when Jaycob entered High School. He got introduced to drugs and found a temporary escape from life through them. As he continued using drugs, he started feeling less and less and soon became addicted. He would often argue with his parents as they tried to advise him and struggled academically, going to school only to get high.

Jaycob's life took a dangerous turn when he had a life-threatening experience at school. At that moment, he prayed to God for help, and God answered his prayer. But, Jaycob went back to his old ways and continued using drugs regularly at school and home. Meanwhile, his parents prayed for him and hoped that God would intervene, and their prayers were eventually answered.

On New Year's Day, after spending the day high, Jaycob surrendered his life to Christ on the floor of his room. He gave it all, and God gave him what he needed the most - forgiveness. Since then, Jaycob has been a strong advocate for God's love and grace. He has been a shining light on his school campus and in his home. He has felt God's calling to become a pastor and is learning more and more each day about the grace that God has for him and for each of us.

One day at a time.