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Jasper's Story

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Jasper grew up in Fresno, CA but found himself bouncing from Fresno to Oklahoma for most of his life. His mom had a hard time parenting him and would often send him back to Oklahoma with family to help give him a better environment. When his dad decided to come into his life, it made a huge change. He found himself enjoying sports and having a more stable environment, which allowed him to improve in school. But that all changed when he lost his dad to kidney failure in middle school.

Having never dealt with his feelings of loss and being influenced by the men in his life, he found himself making poor decisions. Drinking and drugs led to a lot of confusion and stuffing of emotions.

When Jasper became a dad for the first time, he thought it would be different. He thought he would have a chance to be the dad he never had, but without guidance and examples around him, he found himself failing to meet the expectations he had for himself.

After many years of battling with his daughter's mom and trying to make better decisions, only to end up in the same place over and over, he ended up in prison. Crying out to God alone in the showers, he heard God's voice speak clear and true, and He said "I love you."

From that moment forward, he decided to listen to that voice. As he read the Bible more, listening to that inner voice of guidance and pushing against what others would tell him, he began to make decisions based on God's guidance. When he wanted to argue a point about his innocence, he stayed quiet instead, and God made a way to lower his sentence. When everyone told him not to give up his parental rights, that inner voice said to let go and let God handle it, and he did. Years later, it would lead to a reunion with his daughter that he never thought he would have.

Hugging his daughter with tears coming down her face, he heard that same voice remind him of his tears, of his sorrow, and how God showed up and loved him.

"God reversed it, He is intentional."


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